Adding to my list of fears

This year I vowed to do one thing each month I was afraid of.  

January:ecstatic dance

February:signing up for a home exchange and planning an impromptu trip 

March: going to an outdoor spa in Iceland !

Grant it , I was both intrigued and scared . All of these activities are a mixture of intrigue and fear. 

But the more I commit to this mini project, the more proud I feel of myself. I am surrounded by interesting and amazing people I may have never been exposed to. I’ve formed fabulous stories, all in trying to overcome fear on various levels.

I begin to question what else is holding me back.

I realise I have mini fears of many things. Yesterday , when we came upon a frozen lake and I saw people walking and sliding on it, fear arose. What if the frost cracked and we fell in.

But fear was replaced by opportunity. 

Kids have no fear , at what age does that arise for us? There is a question many leaders ask themselves …”what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” 

Take action, and see what arises in your life .

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