Feed the birds

Sometimes I choose not to bring my phone when I walk my dogs, unless I am with my dogs. Sometimes it’s a blessing, as it keeps me mindful and less distracted . Other times I wish i had it to capture the moment.

Today I wish I had it. The dogs stumbled upon a beautification small pond on their walk yesterday, and chose to return to it today. 

Shortly past a set of townhouses, stands this beautiful pond filled with a dozen ducks. Some plain ducks , some mallard ducks. Yesterday we were the only ones visiting them. Today a woman who had just went to the local grocery store was there with two bags of fresh bread to feed the ducks . 

Nobody was watching , she looked at me. I smiled first , she smiled back and said “they’re so hungry. ” I responded with, “it’s great you’re feeding them.”

She fed them with bread fresh from the store , not left over bread from home about to go bad  , or stale bread . These were not her ducks, she had no responsibility for them. But she had probably taken a similar walk as I did, and wondered who cared for these ducks.

 It’s comforting to see a stranger’s initiative to care for others, without the expectation of anything in return .

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