The gift of being gentle to yourself 

When an opportunity to try something new arises, generally I am quick to grab it. But sometimes it doesn’t live up to the hype it did in my mind. The ideal me would love to be a scuba diver , do a full tough mudder, and travel for months as a proper backpacker. But the real me and the ideal me do not always align .

This was the case of aerial yoga .

Excitement brewed as I waited to attend  this class. As the warm up stretches, subsided, I questioned what am I doing here? When does the fun begin ? 

Maybe it was the instructor being too intense. Or perhaps my body simply wasn’t used to the positions we were getting in. Or perhaps I just didn’t like it. I didn’t want to admit the latter. 

To top it off I’ve been quite sore.

It’s been five days since my aerial yoga class , and I still am injured. Stiff neck and shoulders. I can’t even properly turn my neck without wincing it when driving or attempting to swim laps at the pool. 

I love yoga , how can’t I like this class? How can yoga injure me to the point I can’t twist my neck without grimacing.

And so I caved. Today i went to see an acupuncturist to take care of this. I am one who usually cares for others, and rarely take the time to take care of myself . Typical helper mentality. 

But when our body limits us we, we have no choice but to care for ourselves. There is a gift in being gentle with oneself. If you are like me, a Type A person , always striving and doing , look at how you can practice the art of non-doing. You deserve it. 

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