People are watching …

In line at the gas station shop today, a man was in line to order a water and soda. He looked in his pockets and realised he forgot his card and his cash. He was disappointed and frustrated with himself. A mother behind him offered to pay for his drinks. He was in shock. She said nonchalantly , “don’t worry about it. I know what it’s like.” Both carried on. I was behind the mother , and offered her a gratitude card for this act . 

As I walked outside, this same man who received his drinks for free was picking up a piece of random glass off the parking lot floor. This was not from his drinks , but in order for someone to not tear their tires up. He already was paying it forward . It was as if I was witnessing a gratitude commercial of kindness being contagious being played out in front of me. 

Kind acts do not go unnoticed , and often serve as inspiration for others.

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  1. John wolanin
    Dec 19, 2016 @ 18:48:24

    You are so right about gratitude and paying it forward . It’s in giving that we receive !


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