Spa days

Since I have moved to Europe, one thing I have grown to appreciate is spas. It’s not the regular American spa that I embrace , filled with a massage and facial in an office setting  (although those are available).

But there’s a different concept in other cultures . There are  Hammams throughout Turkey, Morocco, and Spain I have explored . I also have peaked into the spas in the German town of Baden Baden , lavishly filled with sun lamps , lavender scented rooms , and even activities such as water zumba.

Spas have the potential in some countries to be part of our weekly lives.  The setting may look luxurious, but it’s not saved for rare moments but Everyday life . 
How can we care for our bodies as temples in a temple? This picture was actually taken at my gym which used to be a church, the sauna was the old confessional! 

When was the last time you have shown your body appreciation and love ? Not shame , frustration , or even dismissal . Love and gratitude . 

For a funny look into a Korean spa I went to in LA , watch conan’s visit 


Favourite hamam ever : Malaga

Stunning spa in Germany with a nude floor: Baden Baden

Hammam listed in book 1000 places to go before you die :Istanbul

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