Churros con amigos 

As Casa Aranda in Malaga opened at 8 am on a Sunday , people began to fill the chairs for their morning serving of churros con chocoalte. What’s beautiful about this city is as each stranger entered the room we were seated in , they greeted everyone with “Buenos Dias.” Although nobody knew each other , it was as if the term strangers did not exist.

How comforting it was to sit and linger in this atmosphere. Easily you can pretend momentarily you are living the life of a Spaniard , and are accepted.  

I ate too many churros, but had one remaining. As I saw a homeless man begging for money from their customers, I ran out and gave him my last churro. He smiled while saying Gracias, and he continued to say hello the staff . They greeted each other , I have a feeling he is also a regular there and gets his morning fill of churros. 

Maybe churros con chocolate can momentarily unite the world 🙂

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