Tightrope Walker 

Tonight I was able to watch one of my favourite female singers perform at a sold out show in London: Rachael Yamagata. It was so comforting to be in her presence. I always find such joy and contentment being in the atmosphere of familiarity as an expat. I have listened to her for over a decade. She helped me through breakups, longings, love, and bonding time with my friends. This is what artists do for us. 
Things have been quite heated in the US, during the past week. Emotional turmoil, negativity , and frustration are running rampant in our conversations in person, on social media, and even within the quietness of our hearts . This has influenced much of the world and definitely impacted Rachael tonight. It was beautiful to see how she elegantly took the high road in not getting stuck in the political drama and encouraged us the audience to begin focusing on the possibilities . She discussed the importance of sharing kindness within our circles. 
After the concert I was able to meet her , and share this gratitude card with her . As I described to her what the card was about , she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. It felt amazing to give at least some small token of gratitude to someone who has helped you for years throughout your life.

I feel so blessed to have met one of my favourite musicians and to be greeted with such warmth. 
Take the opportunity to share kindness with those in your realm . And if you ever have the opportunity to meet one of your heroes, take it , and tell them the impact it made.
Pass on the kindness 

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