Gratitude for artists

Tonight we had the pleasure to meet Michael C Hall after an amazing performance in Lazarus. The show was stunning and inspirational. I didn’t know what to expect of this David Bowie co-written musical. It was one of the last creative projects David Bowie worked on prior to his death. I know I will be listening to the vinyl we bought and googling backstory lines to fill in the gaps I missed during the performance. As I am sure this could be dissected on a multitude of levels.
But the most amazing part was seeing my husband meet his favourite actor afterwards. I didn’t understand why he loved this particular actor who chose such intense dramatic dark roles , until recently . 
My husband began watching the show Six Feet Under when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He took time off work to move to Texas to help care for her . Shortly after finishing this show, he immediately began watching Dexter. Having these intense dramas be part of his life during this trying time was cathartic. Anthony could relate to the intensity Michael C Hall portrayed in his characters. At the time , his emotions were unable to be expressed to the depth Hall did. And he kept on watching. 

At the same time Anthony’s mother had cancer , so did Michael. After six short months, Anthony’s mother passed away. He confined to watch Dexter, and root and pray for Hall as he underwent treatment . During the year of grieving , Anthony’s father visited us for several weeks in Hawaii (where we were living). They bonded through watching cooking shows and Dexter. Several years later, his father passed away as well. And Anthony continued to watch these dramas . 

Last week we saw Michael C Hall was playing the lead in London’s Lazarus. We immediately bought tickets, as we live a subway ride away from the venue. I asked Anthony what he would say if he met his favourite star . It was then I found out the significance of Hall to him. Anthony told me he would like to thank him for getting him through his grieving process. 

Tonight when Anthony met him, he was unable to relay this . There was a line of people asking for photos and autographs . But I knew , and somehow wanted to share this to the famous actor. The ability for Michael to breath life into these dark characters with intricate and intense pasts somehow shed light onto my husband’s path of loss. 

Thank you Michael C Hall and David Bowie and for all artists, musicians, actors, poets, songwriters, and creators for giving life and inspiration to that which we cannot always express. You help us feel and heal through your art, and we are forever grateful.


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