Leon le cameleon 

A train ride back from Chartres to Paris in the evening, an Australian attendee chose to ride together in that special area allotted solely for the elderly, young families, or people with excess luggage. We fit the latter category , and I happened to sit next to a family with a two year old child . The child began becoming completely cranky and crying incessantly, as she was completely uncomfortable. The attendee I was with Sara knew a potential solution. She pulled out her I Phone and searched the music . She found the Le Leon Cameloen Song and began showing it to this family of strangers. The song worked magic , the child was instantly soothed, as the song repeated and others were played. At the end of the journey , the child said in English “bye bye” . The parents were stunned because she only speaks several French words repeatedly. A small connection by this Aussie woman who instinctively knew to help versus ignore or complain, was amazing . 

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