Spouse Pride

On our 10 year anniversary , I dedicate this blog post to my husband. I notice I tend not to brag about him and his accomplishments, but I am quite proud of him. 

He has relocated to the UK with me.  As a chef who has worked with some of the world’s greatest culinary leaders, he could easily have had his selection of top jobs in The industry.  Instead he chose to pick a lower ranking job with a top chef. He only wanted to work for Heston Blumenthal at one particular restaurant: Dinner. His Taurus mind was set. He only applied for one job, and had no back up plan. He had faith in himself and he got it! 

I could never work his 18 hour days, standing on his feet the entire day.  Yet surprisingly this is the industry, and he loves and thrives in it . 

I realise how seldom I tell him how proud and in awe I am of him . He needs to hear that . 

Think of who in your life may need to hear words of encouragement , and share it

(He’s in the blue shirt above with his favourite band Wild Beast). 

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