Press play

Sometimes you want to share emotions with others. And it’s not always possible to convey what one feels. The other day I felt such joy and tried to share this with someone who was so down. I felt it in turn brought me down and robbed me from my happiness I momentarily had. Instead of dwelling on it, I let it go and later reached out to that person again but this time simply said I wanted him to try and practice singing with me in the future. Our conversation and mood shifted so quickly, and I was once again able to retain that glee until the next morning. Those small moments of being content are so precious , and we must guard that with our hearts. Perhaps we should be cautious of who we allow in that time of pocket that emotion with care to bring out for another time to dwell in. It’s always available for you to revisit . Simply take that memory out of your library and press play .image.jpeg

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