Luck of the Irish


There are certain countries that pull at me. Each time I visit I know will not be the last. Ireland is one of them. I am generally drawn to beach towns, pure warm relaxation. But for reason there is something about the hospitality of the Irish that touches your heart . I can’t pinpoint it. Perhaps it’s the beautiful words of the famous writers who were born and bred here : james Joyce , WB yeats, and Oscar Wilde to name a few. Maybe it’s the smile most of the people engage in , or the phrase “that’s grand,” which is endearing . It could be the playful self deprecating humour they have, or the surprise that every Irish person is a performer . The land is green , leprechauns originate here, and somehow the locals are proud about where they stem from. I guess it doesn’t matter why I feel drawn to here , but to simply notice it. I heard today someone describing how she felt, and she said she felt like Ireland …welcoming, cheerful, and reflective

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