image.jpegIt was low season, mid February, and rainy. After a two hour ride from Seville, 90 minute bus ride from faro, and a short taxi ride in lagoa, We arrived in the town of carvoeiro in the south of Portugal. You can imagine my disappointment that after this extended journey, our room was not yet ready. Another 90 minutes pass, as we wait in the time share lobby. Back aches, irritability, and boredom set in. What are we going to do here? A majority of the stores and restaurants are closed. I am almost finished with reading the second book on this 4 day trip, and I have nothing to do. I sleep early, upon rising, a quiet sense of gratitude arises.

All I have is stillness .

Stillness allows space for your thoughts to arise, longer, and deepen.

I realize I have not truly allowed myself stillness the past six months,with traveling, hosting, working, and caring for my injured dog. But in this small Portuguese fishing village, I can allow silence to arise .

My mind can be decluttered, to allow appreciation of the gifts the day is bringing me. The sound of the wind hitting the palm trees, sparkles of sun that peak from the clouds, and momentarily a different pace of life (not contingent on alarms, deadlines, and commutes ).

How can stillness be revealed into your life today? How may this impact you and those around you?

“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.”-Lao Tzu

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