Love is the only religion

imageToday i had a small internal revolution. I woke up early, since nobody else was in my hostel room, to do my morning meditation. It was 5:30 and in morocco, I could hear the Islamic call to prayer being sung. I am slightly becoming adjusted to this, as I heard it frequently in Istanbul last month. My meditation is more from a Hindu tradition, including some forms of yoga. Afterwards I did my morning ritual of the Tibetan fountain of youth, and read my Buddhist book of meditation. Did I mention I was raised catholic?

I can’t stress how important it is To travel and form your own opinions instead of ruminating on judgements you have heard. This small 30 minute moment for me today that included basically 4 world religions seemed to briefly unite everything.

regardless of your upbringing, hearing the call to prayer can serve as a reminder that perhaps there is a higher being guiding us all. How can we stop and reflect the busy-ness of our lives and offer gratitude and perhaps treat those around you with that same reverence?

At the end of each yoga class , the word namaste is said. Do yogis who are there for a work out know what they are mumbling? Namaste means the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

Strip down the prejudged stereotypes , cultural barriers, and any other judgements you may have… There is a United quality in all we meet.

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