My social experiment yesterday of wearing wigs at a suburban NJ mall was a success. Not only did young girls compliment me on my hair, but one young gal Elisabetta couldn’t stop staring at me, smiling, and waving as if I was Katy Perry. I gave her a pink wig too to linger in her giggles. Her Italian parents were overjoyed, and her bald conservative dad even wore the wig. Eventually 70 year old women would approach me to compliment me, but stating they were too old for pink. In reality, we are never too old to play dress up. I was even lucky enough to be asked to be in a hair show by a sales associate, too bad I’m not an East Coaster or I would have done it. It only takes a smile to make a stranger’s day. The universe reciprocates immediately . See how you can pass on a moment to a stranger today.


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