How do you define success? Money, power, and material accumulations are generally responses given.  But search deeper.  When we look at notorious successful people they have these attributes, but underneath lies a greater definition.  Successful people impact the masses by serving others to improve their lives.  The core question is not “How can I make $1,000,000?” but “How can I serve 1,000,000 people?” (or whatever that number may mean for you).  People like Steve Jobs, Oprah, or Wayne Dyer do not simply serve within their family and workplace, but a world full of strangers.  Reflect on impacting the lives of strangers, which is why I have created this website and gratitude  cards to others.  To make a stranger smile, who may feel unappreciated in their workplace is such an amazing thing.  Since the several months I have been doing this, I have given away numerous cards a day.  Some people do not understand the card I am handing to them, while others truly appreciate it.   Today I rode a Los Angeles bus, and the bus driver honked and waved at me after I made my departure. Her face which had the mid week blues earlier in the morning was now filled with gratitude.  That smile meant so much to me, in return.  This was repeated yesterday too, as I handed out cards to an insurance representative, baristas, and a police officer. Sometimes we may feel drained in life and feel we have nothing left to give others, let alone strangers, but you can always give a genuine smile.  And somehow repeating with one stranger after another  will fuel you.

  It only takes a smile.

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